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Fabricare Industries specializes in coin laundry development and construction. As a potential investor, we invite you to study some of the details and requirements for a coin laundry business. We also invite you to look at our Coin Laundry Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

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Coin Laundry FAQ Sites Available

Estimate Of Equipment and Construction Of Laundromat:

Stores that we have built range from $135,000.00 to $400,000+ total investment. There are many upgrades and no two stores are alike. As a guideline, a store that takes $80,000.00 worth of equipment, $60,000.00 CAN BE FINANCED through us with $20,000.00 down.

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Payment of all dollars needed for construction are NOT ABLE TO BE FINANCED. If the construction cost is $35,000.00 to $45,000.00  you would need to pay the construction cost with the down payment on the equipment. Therefore $20,000.00 down payment plus construction cost of $45,000.00  your total investment would be $65,000.00.

Additional needs are:
1. Rent and security deposit
2. Utility deposit
3. Insurance deposit

This information should help in your decision to evaluate a Laundromat Investment.

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Coin Laundry FAQ Sites Available

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