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Nothing is more frustrating for customers than equipment breakdowns.

In fact it's so important that laundry equipment is always in perfect condition, that Huebsch Coin-Operated Drying Tumblers are designed to adhere to the highest construction standards.

Available in 25, 30, 30 lb. stacked, 35 and 50 lb. capacities, they offer efficient, dependable drying time after time.

Save Space and Energy

Our 30 lb. drying tumblers have narrow 28" cabinets that fit easily through standard 30" doorways.

Tough on the Outside

Our innovative paint system includes 9 stages of pre-treatments to increase corrosion resistance.

Convenience You Control

Our CompuDry units give you the freedom to program

bulletvend prices to coincide with peak demand hours
bulletprogram and run diagnostic cycles
bulletmuch more

Double the Tumble

Our stacked tumblers contribute to your investment potential. Two quality tumblers in the space of one, plus the shallowest installation size in the industry, guarantee space savings.

The incorporation of a manifold into the air exchange, coupled with a single gas connection makes installation a breeze and reduces the cost of materials and labor.

Economical Energy Use

The 25, 30, Stacked 30 and 35 lb. tumblers feature axial air flow which directs all heated air through the cylinder. Sealed cylinder rims keep it there.

50 lb. Capacity You Can Count On

Our 50 lb. tumbler is ideal for higher capacity loads. Its unique chain drive system makes it a machine you can depend on!

Huebsch covers its Coin-Operated Drying Tumblers with its 3-Year Warranty.




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